Inaugural Workshop 31st October 2017, Royal Society of Edinburgh

The inaugural workshop of the Advanced Materials Network: Multiscale tuning of interfaces for energy application (MISE) will take place on 31st October 2017 at The Royal Society of Edinburgh.

This meeting is an important community building event and we will use this to launch a call for a programme of research to collaborate with University and Industry partners outside of the network core using flexible funding on topics such as scaling up exciting new materials, facility sharing, etc.  We will seek to pump prime collaborations through this call and will be able to make funds available to resource some activities at Academic partners outside the Network core.

The meeting will be held from 1000 – 16.45

Whilst no charge will be made for registration we do require attendees to register to manage catering and allow access to the meeting:

Registration is now closed please contact


Confirmed Speakers:

What Industry wants from Energy Materials Research

Richard Gover, AWE Plc

Richard Kemp Harper, Arcola Energy

Gerry Agnew, Rolls-Royce Fuel Cell Systems Ltd

Suzanne Ellis, Johnson Matthey

Energy Materials Interfaces Research

Laurence Hardwick, University of Liverpool: “SHINing Light on Electrode Interfaces”

Bob Freer, University of Manchester:

Andre Studart, ETH, Zurich: “Architectured graphite electrodes through directed colloidal assembly”

Chris Zalitis, Johnson Matthey: “Reactions involving gaseous reagents/products using the floating electrode”

Advanced Energy Materials Networks

Professor Clare Grey, CAM-IES

Professor  Neil Robertson, CAMREG

Network Activities and Capabilities

John T S Irvine, University of St Andrews

Jon Binner, University of Birmingham

Steve Parker, University of Bath

Job Thijssen, University of Edinburgh