Advanced Materials Network – MISE 2nd Annual Workshop to be held in Birmingham on 23rd October 2018

Fundamental Properties of Interfaces for Energy Storage and Conversion

The Advanced Materials Network: Multiscale tuning of interfaces for energy application (MISE) will hold it’s 2nd Annual workshop at the university of Birmingham’s brand new conference centre on Tuesday 23rd October 2018.  The workshop will bring together the core and flexible funding partners showcasing the strong links within the MISE network.

JPhys Energy is delighted to be publishing a focus issue on the Fundamental Properties of Interfaces in Energy Conversion and Storage in conjunction with the 2nd Annual MISE workshop. More information on the journal, which is published by IOP Publishing, can be found here  and a link for full submission process can be found here.

Confirmed Speakers:

Emma Kendrick (University of Warwick) Lithium ion battery manufacturing; insights into formation and conditioning

Siân Dutton (University of Cambridge) Lanthanide oxides for low temperature magnetocalorics

Salvador Eslava, (University of Bath) Photoelectrochemical hydrogen production with bimetallic phosphide electrocatalysts (BIMEPEC)

Bob Freer, (University of Manchester) Enhancing Thermoelectrics through Graphene-Oxide Interactions                     

Yu-Lung Chiu, (University of Birmingham) Nanomechanical property evaluation of lead zirconium titanate ceramics with and without iron doping

Abbie Mclaughlin and Jan Skakle, (University of Aberdeen)  Investigation of the Electrical Properties of the Novel Oxide Ion Conductor Ba7Nb4MoO20

Peter Slater, (University of Birmingham)  Metal exsolution from apatite materials

Tianyue Li,  (University of Edinburgh) Low-cost, Stable, Non-toxic, Solution-processed Materials for Supercapacitors

Mark Haw, (Strathclyde University) Using dilation and self-lubrication to improve concentrated particulate flow applications in energy device manufacture

Marianne Rolph, (EPSRC) Energy Materials Landscape


Registration is free but essential to allow us to provide refreshments.  Accommodation is available at the conference centre but early booking is advised to avoid disappointment.

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